Universal Struggles

Portrait of mature disappointed businesswoman sitting at desk in officeEveryone deals with stress. While we all suffer from the effects of different stages of life and have our own coping mechanisms, it is a universal struggle that we all must face. At some point in your professional, personal, family, or financial life, you will encounter an uncomfortable feeling that may include feeling trapped, pressured, angry, or even in danger. This is normal. Remember that when you feel stress, you are not alone, and you don't have to face it alone.

Mental Illness

Sad and lonely girl crying with a hand covering her faceSome people experience low amounts of stress and cope with it easily. They have the mental tools they need to encounter stress, or even depression, and overcome. For others, it is not so easy. Dealing with a potential mental illness is not something to be ignored or treated casually. If you suffer from depression or anxiety to the point where you cannot function at your best, consider seeing a doctor, who can help you to find a treatment option that is right for you.

Diet and Exercise

girl eating saladA healthy body goes well with a healthy mind. Whether you are a busy financier, a mother at home, a part-time worker, or a student, you should be making time to eat healthy and exercise. Your diet can always use more fresh fruits and vegetables, both of which can be fairly moderate in terms of price compared to dining out. Exercise can be as simple as taking long walks, getting into a sport, or joining a local gym, provided you actually go.

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