Epoxy Flooring In Alaska Saves Concrete

If you live in Alaska then you know how harsh the winters can be. Even the summers can be difficult. For transplants the change can be quite stark. It usually only takes a year or two for newcomers, however, to realize that life on the Last Frontier is different from anywhere else.

The coastal cities like Anchorage can present their own problems. Living on the coast means more precipitation. With a large body of water sitting right on your doorstep, rain and moisture are common. Add in freezing temperatures during the winter and this can cause any number of problems. In particular, concrete and water don’t exactly mix in Alaska. Ask any homeowner how their garage or patio fared over the winter and they’ll probably shake their head and sigh. Alaska’s extreme conditions lead to something called ‘spaling’, or the chipping and erosion of concrete due to moisture. Spaling eventually leads to cracks and aggregate chip formation. Just one bad winter can ruin your garage, patio, or other exposed concrete surface. There’s an easy solution though: epoxy flooring.

The concept behind epoxy flooring is simple. Epoxy is a chemical polymer that when mixed with itself becomes incredibly hard and durable. In Alaska, epoxy flooring is the perfect answer to the harsh environment. The epoxy sinks into the concrete and seals the surface, preventing moisture and freezing from damaging the concrete.

Epoxy flooring in Alaska is widely used by both business and homeowners alike to protect everything from a simple garage to a large showroom floor.

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