How Kingston Pizza Delivery Worked Out For Us Last Night

My boyfriend and I ordered Kingston pizza delivery last night for the first time and were very satisfied with the food and the service. We already knew we liked pizza from this particular restaurant, as we have been there many times. We just have never tried a delivery service before. Having heard about delivery services that bring the wrong food or arrive with the food in a lukewarm state, we were curious about how well this would go. We’ll definitely order Kingston pizza delivery service again, as it’s so convenient not to have to go out on a cold winter night.

We had brought a complimentary menu home from this restaurant the last time we were there so we could look it over before ordering from home. It’s always a little hard for me to choose because the owners offer so many types of chef’s specialties and have an abundance of toppings available. I figured for the first time ever using pizza delivery, we should probably get something that we have ordered several times before so that we can compare its usual quality with the delivery quality. I couldn’t tell the difference with our pepperoni and black olive pizza, and the delivery guy keeps the food hot with an insulated pack.

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