I Take My Dog For Pet Grooming In Calgary

I take my dog for pet grooming in Calgary because they do such a great job. I had taken him somewhere else, but he got a bad report. He didn’t cooperate at all and the groomer had asked me not to bring him back. When I called this pet grooming in Calgary, they said to bring him in and they would try to groom him. I was a little nervous that he wouldn’t cooperate with them either, but I was pleasantly surprised! When I went to pick him up, he looked beautiful and smelled awesome. I had asked the groomer how he was, and they said that he was just fine and they didn’t have one problem with him. The groomer had said that maybe he just didn’t like the previous groomer and he felt threatened.

I had adopted this dog and who knows what he had been through before I got him. We had chatted for a few minutes, and my dog was all over this guy, giving him kisses and wagging his tail. I knew right then and there that this groomer would be the one he would go to from now on. My dog actually gets excited when I say ‘Wanna go to the groomer?’

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