Tools Your Doctor Uses During A Chicago Eye Exam

At your next eye exam in Chicago, pay attention to the tools that your eye doctor is using. Most people have seen their tools many times, but never known exactly what they do. Many of the tools that eye doctors use have been around for years. Over the years, technology has improved the equipment, and new equipment is always coming out too.

One tool that everyone has seen at their eye exam in Chicago is the Snellen chart. The Snellen chart is the chart that has the big E on top with all the letters. Most eye doctors will ask you what the smallest line is that you can read. This gives the eye doctor and idea of what your vision is. Only ten letters are used on the chart because those letters look similar to other letters. Patients need to distinguish between the letters.

The other most common tool used during eye exams are the phoropters. This is the big piece of equipment that the eye doctor will put up to your eyes and face. You will look into the lenses while the doctor asks you which lense is better, 1 or 2? The eye doctor usually does each eye separately. Once he gets the lenses where he wants them to be, he will show you both eyes together. If it looks clearer than your old prescription, he knows he has done his job.

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